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Famidoc Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
Famidoc Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
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Famidoc Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

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Health Canada Licensed Device, CE Approved and FDA Cleared

Medical Grade Touchless Thermometer for Best Accuracy

  • MULTI TEMP MODE: This Health Canada Licensed Device, FDA and CE approved forehead thermometer measures not only forehead temperature of human body, but also the surface temperature of object, such as bathwater, milk bottle, pan or anything else in your home; Perfect for medical settings, schools, childcare, food preparation, etc.
  • NON-CONTACT MEASUREMENT: The most favorable measuring distance is 1-6cm (0.4in-2.5in). Non-contact measurement method prevents cross-contamination. Suitable for all ages – infants, children, adults and the elderly. Safe and hygienic.
  • MEMORY RECALL: Can store and recall up to 32 previous readings. Switches easily between Fahrenheit and Celsius and between Silent and Audible mode. Auto power off in 30 seconds to conserve battery power.
  • COLORED BACKLIT: Accurate and reliable measurement in only 1 second. In forehead measurement mode, the easy-to-read LED display provides temperature readings in green or red to quickly identify a fever in the dark.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Ergonomic and non-slip design, comfortable grip for either hands, with easy controls for anyone to operate safely.

Perfect design and easy to use.

This device adopts the latest non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology. Please aim the thermometer at the forehead and press the button to measure the temperature. The measurement distance is between 1-6cm (0.4-0.4 in). The non-contact design is a good way to avoid cross-infection with human skins.
It adopts ergonomic anti-skid design and is very easy to use. With this precise thermometer, you can monitor the body temperature of all your families.


  • In order to measure the forehead temperature accurately, please remove the hat or the hair in front of your forehead.
  • The sweat and cosmetics on the forehead will affect the accuracy of measurement, so please keep your forehead clean before measuring.
  • Intelligent device and high temperature warning.
  • This thermometer adopts the German temperature sensor, which has a more intelligent algorithm and can accurately measure temperature in one second. When the thermometer is switched on and no action is taken, it will automatically shut off in 30s±5s.
    If the measurement temperature is between 37.6 ℃ and 42.9 ℃, the red LED light and the thermometer sounds continuous “BEEP” alarm.

  • Multi-function measurement

    This device can not only measure temperature of human body, but also measure the surface temperature of objects such as bath water, ambient temperature, milk, food, and etc. The human body measurement mode ranges from 89.6 °F to 109.2 °F (32 °C to 42.9 °C). The objects temperature measurement mode ranges from 32 °F to 212 ° F (0 °C to 100 °C).

    Matters need attention

    • Do not measure the surface temperature of insulated objects.
    • Do not directly measure the temperature of the hot liquid, because the heat vapor will condense on the sensor and causes inaccurate measurement result.

Two-color backlight and memory function.

With high definition LCD display, the measurement is easy to read. Two-color backlight and silent mode of device can help to measure the body temperature of sleeping baby at night. Green LED light indicates normal body temperature while red LED light indicates high body temperature.
With the function of 32 sets memory storage, this device can easily monitor the temperature changes of your families.

  • Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 4.4 x 8.5 cm ; 109 g